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Gary Martin is the Founder and host of Sirculate. His work experience, ability to persevere and outgoing, conscientious and curious personality led to this most recent entrepreneurial endeavor. Gary grew up in the inner city of Cleveland and conesquently spent much of his childhood surrounded by temptation, false narratives, and influences that clouded his vision.

In spite of these obstacles and lack of educational resources he found ways to explore his innate curiosity through extracurricular activities, many nontraditional to rival his athletic contributions. Although he wasn’t the strongest student, Gary never stopped exploring his insatiable desire for gaining knowledge and experience.

He speaks to Cristo Rey Network students to encourage them to never let a lack of familiarity hinder growth. “Instead, put yourself in positive uncomfortable situations so that you can become comfortable any-where”.A motto he embodies daily.

Gary is now inspired by where his own sirculation has taken him in his career and entrepreneurial endeavors and is pursuing this podcast as a way to share other Entre-entrepreneur's stories—how sirculating has gotten them where they are, what personal and professional struggles they still have and ultimately he aims to be a resource for inspiration, research, reflection, and execution.

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